Tooth Shape

Tooth Geometry and Saw Blade Terminology

a1 Rake angle (hook) a6 Front shear angle EXP Expansion slot CSK Countersink hole
a2 Back clearance angle D Diameter T Number of teeth OW Outer wiper slot
a3 Radial side angle B Kerf SP Silencing port IW Inner wiper slot
a4 Tangential side angle E Thickness of saw body KN Key slot (width x depth) P Tooth pitch
a5 Top bevel angle d Bore PIN Pin hole PCD Pitch circle diameter

Calculations / Formulae

Note: All formulas and information is for reference only. For specific advice on your cutting application please contact us for more information.

Tooth pitch in millimetres


π = ±3.14159
D = Saw blade diameter in mm
n= Number of Teeth

Peripheral Speed (Rim Speed)in metres per second

D = Saw blade diameter in metres
π = ±3.14159
RPM = Spindle speed in revolutions per minute

Motor Power Calculation

Note: This formula does not take into account material being cut or number of teeth. Please contact us for more specific information on your application.

HSS cut-off saw toothing and speed table

HSS Circular Saw Cutting Information

Circular Saw Maintenance

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